safesleep united

SafeSleep United is our overnight, low barrier, non-denominational women’s shelter. Our mission is to offer a warm, secure place for unsheltered women to sleep safely. SafeSleep operates everyday, 6:00 pm to 7:15 am.


There are over 1,800 homeless individuals in Marion and Polk County and almost half of them are women, living in survival mode, with ongoing risk of being assaulted, robbed, sex trafficked, or sexually assaulted, and with the trauma of living in that danger every day.

Solution & Impact

We offer some basic needs, support and services to enable women to heal, plan, and move forward with their dreams and goals, from the stability of a safe place to sleep each night. Low barrier reflects a housing-first approach, where people are welcomed as they are.

In 2022, SafeSleep was able to provide 5,348 bed nights and 8,948 meals to those in need.



We currently shelter up to 19 women. An upcoming expansion will enable us to meet more basic needs: we’ll have three bathrooms instead of one, and a laundry room, shower, and room for 21 more beds, so we can shelter up to 50 women!