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Enrichment academy

The Enrichment Academy is an out-of-school time program designed to align with each school’s comprehensive school improvement plan and provide high quality programming that is designed to increase student achievement, improve student engagement, improve family engagement, reduce hunger and increase wellness.


EA programming gives students the opportunity to learn beyond the traditional school day in a safe, structured environment. EA delivers a variety of content rich offerings that engage students and build their academic and nonacademic skills. Programming in 3 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 2 high schools, and funded by a Federal 21st Community Learning Center grant, EA operates during the hours before and after school and provides students a quality place to learn during those times.


United Way also provides support to the area high schools College and Career Centers through its work in ASPIRE. ASPIRE places mentors in the schools that work directly with the students on their goals for post high school. United Way recruits mentors, trains and places them in the high schools. This work allows students and parents to be able have assistance in navigating the confusing world after high school.